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Is your yard muddy? Does it have excessive moisture? HydroBlox will put an end to a waterlogged yard. In addition, with HydroBlox, you will not have to worry about heavy equipment or gravel disturbing your lawn, nor will you be investing in a French drain that will fail in approximately one to seven years.

One of the major benefits of HydroBlox is the installation takes one-quarter of the time, and you can avoid materials such as aggregate and filter cloth while also avoiding expensive excavation.

The steps to install HydroBlox are simple:

  • A trench 12” deep and about 2-4 inches wide is made
  • The trench is placed in the area that currently has water, and leads to an area that can take the water
  • Planks are laid in the trench so they touch each other so the water moves from one plank to the other
  • To keep the planks in place, they are either overlapped or a stainless steel screw is used to screw them together
  • Around 3 inches of cover is replaced over the planks to complete the installation

It is important to note that HydroBlox must be covered over it much be filled with quality topsoil. Gravel, clay, brick, blocks, or stone is not to be used. Save time and get the job done right the first time with HydroBlox.


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