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Why Should Customers Choose Matthews For Real Estate Transactions?

By on September 4th, 2014
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We can Assist with all Pittsburgh, PA Real Estate Foundation Repair, Waterproofing

Foundation Repair, Waterproofing for Real Estate Transactions in Pittsburgh, PASelling or buying a home can be very stressful. Having the right company to assist with your home’s major problems will allow you to proceed with confidence.

There are several reasons that customers and realtors should choose Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing to perform needed work prior to or after closing on the property.

1. Our Experience: We’ve been fixing foundations for over 35 years and we’ve seen just about everything that can happen to a property.
2. Focus on Service: Our length of service shows that we will do it right and will be there for years to come if there are any problems.
3. We can Help Prove Quality Work: If our foundation repair or waterproofing work is done before the home goes on the market, the proposal can be left out to show potential buyers that the most respected company in the industry did the work. It evidences the cost upfront and lets buyers know that you choose quality workmanship.
4. We do it RIGHT: We do a lot of real estate work and we check to make sure that the proper permits and utility checks are done prior to the installation.

We charge a fee for any real estate transactions that aren’t ordered by the sellers. That money is applied toward the cost of the finished work if we do the job. So if you are a Realtor in the Pittsburgh, PA area, or the surrounding area of Pennsylvania, call us. Learn more about our experience in waterproofing and foundation repair, and see why we go above and beyond when it comes to real estate transactions.

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