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How does someone know they need to have Matthews access their problems?When do I need a foundation inspection in Pittsburgh?

If you have notices wall cracks that are continuing to get larger or walls that are starting to bow you should seek out a professional to give you advice. You may also notice that your windows and doors in your house are getting harder to shut all the way or open all the way. Call us if you notice seepage on the floors or a cracked floor that continues to enlarge. If your house is starting to lean to one side that is another warning that your home is in need of stabilization.

We have a full list of common problems to help you know when you need help:

Also, if you check out our website, on the right side menu under each section there is a very specific list of problems that are indicators that your foundation, basement, or crawlspace may be falling into disrepair. Don’t forget that Matthews Wall Anchor also offers free inspections, so that if you even suspect a problem, we can let you know for sure if you do. We can also find out your budget, and find a repair solution that is right for you. If you are in Pittsburgh, PA or the surrounding area we are here to help!


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