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Waterproofing Problems PA

Your basement is flooded or wet. Every time you mop it up and it seems dry, it comes back again! If you’re having waterproofing problems, come to Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services rather than doing it yourself, which can sometimes result in related problems if you haven’t done it before. Come to us as your professional basement waterproofing company!

Waterproofing Problems PA

Your home is a very big investment in your life. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important investments that you’ll have. This is why you need to protect your house and take care of it. We can help you! If you’re having problems with waterproofing your basement, we’re here for you.

We offer all sorts of solutions. Interior drainage systems, which aren’t waterproofing, but direct the water away from your foundation, or exterior drainage systems, which are relatively similar, but, of course, on the outside of your home! Perhaps you need a sump pit, which is actually designed to get water out of your foundation or remove excess water from around your foundation. Sump pumps are similar, but they work in your basement, making sure that the water in your basement or crawl space is limited and controlled.

Step Repair PA

Remember, the number one cause of a wet or flooded basement is problems with your foundation. If you’re having porch or step problems as well, you might want to add helical anchor piers into the underbelly of your foundation. These piers are screwed into the ground and support your house and your foundation. The more sound your foundation is, the less you’ll have to worry about a wet or flooding basement. That means less stress for you!

So whether you have a wet or flooded basement or are having a sump pump or drainage problems, we’re here to help! Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services is your top area service provider for waterproofing basements in PA!

Waterproofing Problems PA


Waterproofing Problems PAWaterproofing Problems PA