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Waterproofing Case Study, Whitehall, PA



Case Study from Max Echard

When I first met Nancy, it was at her home in Whitehall, Pennsylvania to analyze a water concern she was having in her basement. After introducing myself and informing her about my company, we headed to the basement to take a look. While walking down the basement stairs, an extremely heavy odor became present. Once we reached the wall of concern, it was no longer a surprise as to what was causing such a damp and moldy air quality. Nancy’s wall was saturated with water and was beginning to show signs of mold from the base of the wall extending roughly 16’’ upwards. It was apparent that Nancy was suffering from water penetration. Concerned, she asked if I was able to help her. After a reassuring “yes”, she relaxed a little and I began my assessment of Nancy’s situation.

Once complete, we sat in the living room and discussed the likely reasons for her water damage and, most importantly, what we were going to do to fix it. I explained to Nancy she wasn’t alone in that such water damage is a common issue in our geographical location. I explained to her the benefits of interior french drains and how our system would rectify her water issues. I made a point to explain the immense differences between the system we use: a side of footer interior french drain (which is what most of our competitors use), and a top of footer french drain. Explaining the three most significant advantages of a top of footer system; that it is a deeper system, that it is able to be pitched to the sump by excavating soil, and that her concrete would be as thick and strong as it was originally, she felt comfortable moving forward with our company.

The job took three days. At the end of the final day, Nancy made a point to call me personally to commend the foreman of the job, Jimmy,  for taking such good care of her and working as hard as he did. After a follow-up inspection, I saw the wonderful quality of our system and the carefully executed installation and was happy to call Jimmy myself to thank him for yet another job well done!

Nancy is currently water free and resting easy with a lifetime warranty backed by one of the most reputable companies in the field.