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Water Drainage

By on February 4th, 2016
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Poor Water Drainage

drainageIf you have poor water drainage around your home, it can cause major foundation problems. It will cause the foundation to buckle, rise and bow. Waterproofing and controlling water will prevent this damage and it will keep the structure stable.

Proper drainage is required by building codes. Keeping water drained away from the foundation protects you and keeps your home or business dry. The soil that surrounds the foundation needs to be kept at a consistent moisture level to prevent settlement. When the soil gets too saturated around the foundation, the soil will heave, causing the foundation to shift and move.

Water Drainage Solutions

  • Gutters – Gutters need to be well maintained and the downspouts need to be directed below the soil surface through rigid piping to either pop-up emitters, drywells or to daylight. It is also important to maintain a proper slope and proper sizing.
  • clogged gutterSoil Moisture – Keeping the soil moisture beneath the foundation consistent is important. If the soil gets too dry, it will shrink and when it becomes too wet, it expands. This constant shifting of the soil will cause the foundation to shift and move.
  • Trees – Trees should not be planted close to a home’s foundation. As the tree matures, the tree roots will drink up the moisture in the soil beneath the foundation.
  • Surface drainage – The ground surface should be sloped at least 1/2″ per foot for 10′ to keep the water flow away from the foundation.
  • Channel drains – Channel drains are usually placed between driveways and garages to direct the water toward a catch basin or emitter.
  • Drainage boards – Foundation drainage boards are installed on the outside of concrete walls to direct water to the perimeter drain tile. These drainage boards are installed over a waterproofing membrane and have dimples that direct water away from the foundation toward the drain tile.
  • Drain pipe – Drain pipes are placed alongside the footing. These can be placed in the interior or exterior or both.
  • Subsurface drainage – Foundation drains are made from rigid drain tile and are then connected to a sump pump system to drain the water away from the foundation.
  • Building codes – Building codes require drain pipes around all foundations.

Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing uses waterproofing products that are manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the very best in the industry. We also use ECP products for foundation repair. If you are in need of water drainage solutions, contact the experts at Matthew Wall Anchor & Waterproofing. We have the experience and products to get your water drainage needs done and keep your home and foundation safe and dry.

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