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Why Do We Propose Interior VS Exterior Waterproofing?

By on July 4th, 2014
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Why do we propose interior waterproofing VS exterior?

VS Exterior for Interior Waterproofing by Matthews Wall AnchorMany years ago companies would dig up the entire exterior of the foundation and tar the outside. Sometimes they would try to seal the inside footer cracks with various chemicals in the hopes of keeping the water out.

That type of remediation would work for a few months or years and then it would start to seep all over again. This is because the hydrostatic pressure that is always there finds its way back in.

That style of waterproofing basements became outdated once better systems were developed to repair the problem from the inside. In addition, doing it the old way required removing landscaping, taking out patios, and so forth. It’s much more expensive to excavate the outside area by hand or with machines!

As a company that has over 35 years in performing the work, we know that putting a deep solid interior drain will permanently address the issues, and we fully warrant for the life of the home. Unfortunately, nearly all of the companies that performed the other type of work have gone out of business and are no longer there to back up the guarantees that they issued, so it’s back to square one for many of the customers.

Our advisers can help determine the best course of action even if it’s a simple fix that the owner can do themselves. That kind of service is why we remain one of the leaders in our industry! Contact Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services today to learn more about interior vs exterior waterproofing.

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