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How We Anchor Concrete at Matthews Wall Anchor

Wall Anchor Concrete Solutions in Pennsylvania Shifting foundations can be the cause of many different structural issues in your Pennsylvania home. When the soil that surrounds the concrete foundation starts to shift due to soil shrinkage, erosion, or excessive hydrostatic pressure due to a high water table, it will cause the foundation itself to shift…

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Services Offered By Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing

What Services does Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Offer? We have the following services for both commercial and residential structures: 1. Foundation Repair Services to Stabilize Settling Foundations Including: Helical Piers Push Piers / Steel Piers Helical Tiebacks Carbon Fiber Repair Steel I-Beams Plate Anchors Wall Anchors 2. Basement Waterproofing and Water Management: Exterior Waterproofing…

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