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Woo-hoo! Summer! It’s here! Well, almost, anyway, so why not start celebrating? Summer is one of the best times of the year, with all of the parties and camping and campfires, not to mention the Fourth of July, the fairs and carnivals, the get-togethers, beaches, and barbeques! Seriously, what’s not to love about summer? Well, I hate to ruin your fun (I really do) but there is just a little something that could be putting a damper on your fun time: house troubles. What does that mean? Well, it means that your house could be taking a toll, and you’d never notice unless you were looking for the problems. One of the most common problems with homes are leaking or flooding basements, and to fix that problem, I suggest installing a sump pump. If you need a sump pump Cleveland, come on down and consult with us!

Sump Pit Cleveland

What is a sump pump? For those of you who weren’t informed, a sump pump is a pump underneath your basement that collects excess fluids and such to keep your basement dry. It’s not a guarantee or a formidable shield against flooding, but it will definitely help! Sump pumps are worth the investment, because if you live in an area that doesn’t experience floods often, then this will definitely keep your basement normal! And if you have a sump pump, you’ll want a sump pit, which is a hole or outlet that the liquids collect in and drain into somewhere else (i.e., a well, sewer, etc.). There’s so many problems that can come with flooding basements, like mold (which can ruin the air quality of your home, because almost 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your basement), bowing walls, cracked walls, cracked floors, and an array of other circumstances. Don’t wait until these roll around! If you’re looking for a sump pump Cleveland, call us now!

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