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Stormwater System


HydroBlox Stormwater Systems are a far better option for stormwater mitigation and green infrastructure. Far exceeding typical dry wells or trenches, they provide an environmentally friendly green solution.

To collect the water coming from a downspout, a hollowed-out box is composed of HydroPlanks and capped off at the bottom with Hydroblox. The downspout flows into the box. Because of its permeable composition, it is a useful, non-compressible solution that allows stormwater into the water table in the same amounts as undeveloped soil.

There is no need for the usual 100 square foot trench that it typically takes for a dry well. Instead, a simple 40 square foot HydroBlox Stormwater Box is all that you need. Additionally, the box is installed without aggregate or geotextile.

The price tag for installed is goes down by 60% and there is far less required for excavation. There are unlimited applications for stormwater removal using the HydroBlox Stormwater System, simply by adding supplementary boxes.


  • Dimensions: 2” thick, 9″ wide, 7.5′ long
  • Weight: 130 lbs. (approx.)
  • Support 102.41 tons/sq. ft. of compression
  • Drainage capacity of more than 0.810 gal/sq. ft. /sec.
  • Environmentally friendly, made of 100% recycled materials


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