Sticking Door Repair Youngstown, Sticking Door Repair Youngstown, Ohio

Sticking Door Repair in Youngstown

By on May 17th, 2013
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Sticking Door Repair in YoungstownSticking Door Repair Youngstown

Woo-hoo! Summer’s almost here! There’s just about nothing to not love about summer, with all of the parties and family and friends, the camping and campfires! There’s swimming, beaches, fairs, carnivals, barbeques, cookouts, walks in the park, late nights, s’mores, ghost stories, and much, much more! What could possibly go wrong? (The infamous question that dooms the entire planet.) Well, there is something. Home troubles. That’s right. Home troubles. I don’t mean like the house isn’t clean or there’s a door that needs a new handle, I mean big-scale house troubles: foundation problems. These nasty things can wreak havoc on your house and your family. One of the biggest symptoms of foundation problems is sticking doors, but you’re in luck! We’re here! If you need sticking door repair in Youngstown, call us now!

Sticking Doors in Youngstown, Ohio

Foundation problems are terrible, simply because they’re silent. If you’re having problems with your home (i.e., sticking doors, sticking windows, bowing walls, windows or doors that are out of place, cracked walls, sloping floors) you’re not going to automatically say, “Yep! Foundation problems! Call the contractor!” No. You’re going to try and find other reasons, or you’ll brush it off. It’s what anyone would do! Well, now that you’re informed of some of the symptoms of foundation problems, you can do what’s proper. Call us at Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing! We have tons of solutions to your problems, such as helical piers, helical tiebacks, push piers, slab piers, porch piers, and much more! Your home is important to you, and that’s why it’s important to us. You don’t have to worry about your results, because many of our solutions don’t require tearing up of lawns and such, and can be installed year-round and almost anywhere around your house! See? Nothing not to love! So, if you need sticking door repair in Youngstown, call us now!

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