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Sinking Garage

What Does a Sinking Garage Mean?

sinking garageHave you been noticing odd things in your garage lately? Are you seeing cracks in peculiar places? Maybe these aren’t just cracks, maybe the concrete or floor of your garage is separating! Are the floors sloping or leaning towards one particular side? Are your walls bubbling or bowing out? If so, your garage is probably settling or even sinking. This can be a serious problem if not caught early. Fortunately, Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services is here to help you with your sinking garage.

Here’s how you can fix your sinking garage:

A sinking or settling garage is caused by poorly compacted soil beneath the concrete slab. When a garage is built, the soil needs to be excavated a couple of feet above the perimeter of the foundation. The problem is most driveways are only leveled, not excavated. Improper downspouts and inadequate waterproofing systems make this problem worse over time by accumulating water around and underneath the concrete slab. This leads to sinking and settlement.

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Settling Garage

To fix sinking and settlement foundations, we use helical piers. Helical piers are screwed or drilled into the ground with a hydraulic torque motor. There are helical flights on the pier that look a little like clothespins, and their purpose is to push the pier further into the ground, as well as to support the pier. Helical piers can support hundreds of thousands of pounds, so your garage will be well supported!

Overall, it is best not to use a push pier to support your home from a sinking or settling garage. They are unreliable and dangerous and can be costly if you have to have more repairs due to the unreliability. Helical piers are more stable and reliable and will cost less in the long run. They save you money, time, and worry!


So don’t wait, if you think you have a sinking or settling garage, call Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services now! We’ll find the problem and fix it for you!