Signals from your Home you have Foundation Problems in Pennsylvania

Signals From Your Foundation That It’s Failing

By on July 4th, 2014
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What are the signs that indicate foundation failure?

There are many signs your home may display to show that you are in need of foundation repair. If you look for these signs, you can prevent foundation failure. It is much less expensive to repair your foundation than replacing it. Look for the following:

Interior Foundation Problems:

  •    foundation cracks Cracks in drywall, sheetrock
  •     Doors and windows that stick or won’t close properly
  •     Floor cracks
  •     Cracks in seams and corners
  •     Trim or molding misaligned
  •     Torn or wrinkled wallpaper
  •     Sloping floors
  •     Broken floor or wall tiles

Basement and Crawl Space Foundation Problems:

  •     Walls leaning, bowing in or out
  •     Cracks in the poured or block walls
  •     Water leakage through cracks at the base of walls
  •     Water stains on walls, floors
  •     Mortar cracks in bricks or blocks
  •     Basement flooding, water pooling
  •     Basement or crawl space mold or mildew
  •     Heaving walls

Garage and Exterior Foundation Problems:

  •     wall cracksSeparation from door
  •     Wall rotating out
  •     Cracks in the bricks
  •     Space around doors and windows
  •     Cracks in foundation
  •     Fascia board pulling away
  •     Leaning chimney
  •     Garage column cracks
  •     Foundation cracks

If you are buying a new home, these are all things to look for. If you notice these signs in a structure you own, you need to have them fixed quickly. They can affect the overall health of your home, limit your ability to sell your home, or cause the value of your home to fall. Have a free inspection performed on your Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia home to find out what your problems are and the best solution for your budget to get it fixed. Call Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today.

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