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Steel I-Beam Solutions

What are Steel I-Beams?

Steel I-beamSteel I-beams are just that – “I”-shaped steel beams that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A steel I-beam is a joist or girder made from steel. I-beams are used as major support trusses in building, to ensure that a structure will be stable. The beams are placed against the wall, then held in place by wood framing that attaches to the joists at the top, and either a bolt at the bottom that is driven into the floor or the floor is opened and the beam is attached to the footer. 

What Are The Different Uses and Applications of Steel I-Beams?

If you notice bowing or leaning walls in your basement, this can be cause for concern. Foundation settlement can be the cause of these bowing or leaning walls.  If you see signs of bowing or leaning walls, the sooner it’s looked at by a professional, the better. Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing will inspect your foundation and give you the best solution to your foundation settlement problems.

Water pressure is one of the most common causes for bowing walls. In a cold climate, moisture freezes when it gets cold and then it will expand. If there is enough water in the ground, that freezing water puts pressure on the wall, causing it to crack or bow. Other reasons for bowing walls is improper drainage, lack of waterproofing, tree roots, and the aging of the structure. A bowed wall will get worse over time or deteriorate quicker since the wall has lost its integrity and resistance. A wall that is bowed has existing cracks and defects below the surface. Installing I-beams will get your walls back into place and prevent further bowing or cracking. Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing is your I-beam expert.

How are I-Beams Installed?

bowing walls needing I-beam supportTo install I-beams, the floor along the foundation walls are jackhammered where the beams will be placed. The beams are then installed and bolted to a wooden floor joist above. The pressure bearing against the wall is transferred to the wood floor joist.

Also, since the beams are rigid, they will only touch the wall at one point – where the foundation wall is bowed the most. If installed correctly, they will add back pressure to the wall, discouraging it from moving any further. One great reason to use a steel I-beam is that it is much less likely to warp and bend as much as other materials used, such as wood.

Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing has served the Pennsylvania and Ohio area for over 30 years. Choosing the right foundation repair contractor is important. We have the experts and experience to help you with your foundation repair needs. We will meet with you to evaluate your property and give you a quote. We offer a 6-month same-as-cash financing program. Our number one goal is to help our customers. After you contact us, one of our repair specialists will schedule a visit with you and answer any questions you have regarding your foundation repair. Don’t let a cracked or bowed wall be ignored. The longer you wait to get it fixed, the more the damage that will be done to your foundation. Our I-beam installation can get your bowed walls straight and reinforce your structure. Contact us today to learn more about I-beam installation.


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