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Rhino® Carbon Wall Supports

Rhino Carbon FiberRhino® Carbon Wall Supports is the strongest system on the market for straightening bowing and cracking foundation walls. The patented system is designed to link the foundation base with the house framing to create substantial support. When added to foundation walls, the support system counteracts future wall bowing from external wall pressure; the system takes the tension force instead of the basement wall. The Rhino® Carbon Wall Support system fights the resistant force making the wall stronger. By eliminating expanding and shifting, foundation walls will not exhibit bowing or cracking.

The bowing walls in your basement are most likely caused by increased hydrostatic pressure in the soil around your foundation. As the soil absorbs more water, the pressure increases. This pressure in the ground, called hydrostatic pressure, can push on your foundation and lead to foundation shifting as well as leaning, bowing, or cracking foundation walls. Rhino® Carbon Fiber Wall Supports help to combat this bowing or leaning of your wall by providing opposite pressure and strengthening the cracked areas of concrete. This will help to straighten the wall and keep it from developing the same problems in the future.

Carbon Fiber Wall Support

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Wall Supports from Rhino®

Carbon Fiber Wall SupportMatthew Wall Anchor & Waterproofing contractors are experienced with the installation process of Rhino® Carbon Wall Supports and can answer all of your questions regarding this state-of-the-art product.

This is the strongest carbon foundation repair system available. The benefits speak for themselves:

  • No Deterioration or Movement
  • Minimal Intrusiveness
  • Fast and Tidy Installation
  • No Heavy Equipment Required for Install
  • No Messy Concrete
  • Paintable

These are some of the benefits that you could see if you choose to have the foundation repair team at Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services install carbon fiber wall supports from Rhino® in your basement. By investing in this product and the other kinds of foundation repair that we offer, you can ensure that your home remains stable and free of foundation problems.

If you are concerned about bowing or cracked foundation walls in your Pittsburgh home and would prefer to use a product other than wall anchors, call us today and we can discuss all of your options, including financing. We offer a 50-year limited warranty and Rhino also offers a lifetime limited warranty. For warranty details please contact us!

Carbon Fiber Wall Support Installation

The video below gives you an overview of how this great product is installed.



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