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Sump Pits

Why Use a Sump Pit?

Sump pits, also known as a sump basin or a crock, are a solution to your basement Basin and lidswaterproofing needs. When accompanied by a sump pump, they are one of the most productive waterproofing measures. They will prevent basement flooding by collecting excess water and keep your basement safe and healthy. Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services should be your first choice for sump pumps. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, we offer only the best of sump pits from Earth Contact Products.

When located in the lowest part of your basement, sump pits collect excess water before it causes flooding problems. When the water in the soil around your basement reaches a certain height, it could leak into the home and cause a variety of moisture-related issues. Water could also enter the basement after a heavy rainfall, especially if the gutters on the house are not functioning properly or if water is allowed to pool around the foundation.

A sump pit collects this excess water and the sump pump pumps the water out and away from your home. The sump pumps are usually installed in the basement floor and lined with bricks or concrete. They are also equipped with a grate that allows water to flow into it while letting people walk over it.

Our quality sump pits not only collect excess water but can also help to minimize radon gas. Soil gasses make their way up through the soil and into your home. A sump pit stops them and pumps them out of your home, so they don’t cause any problems.

We Provide ECP’s Best Sump Pit

sump pumpWe provide the best sump pit available. ECP’s pit is efficient, safe, and innovative. Its bell shape allows for more water to be collected. This lessens the number of times the pump has to operate. The life of the pit and pump last longer and you save on energy costs. A strong polyethylene is used to form the sump pit. Because of its strength, the pit will last for years to come. A clear lid allows you to see in the pit without taking it apart. This means that you can be assured that everything is working properly with just a glance.

The pit will even reduce the moisture in the soils surrounding your home, making it even harder for water to enter your basement. Because of this, the humidity in your basement will also decrease. We use minimally invasive methods to install your sump pit in order to create the least possible amount of hassle for you. The experienced team of sump pit installers at Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services will make sure that the job gets done efficiently and professionally.

When it comes to waterproofing your basement, contact Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services. We will provide you with the best service and products available, including ECP’s sump pit. We offer affordable financing plans to assist you with waterproofing costs.


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