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Porch & Step Repair

Porch Repair

Theporch repairre is absolutely nothing better than sitting on your shaded porch, sipping lemonade out of an ice cold glass in the middle of summer, looking out at the beautiful day. The sun is shining, the grass is green, the sky is ocean blue, and you can hear the birds chirping, reflecting your utter bliss. Then you notice the cracked or tilted surface. We often don’t think of how important our porch is until we notice problems. Cracks, leaking, sinking, and even collapsing porches can ruin your beautiful summer day, and sometimes even your daily routine of getting into your own home. That’s why Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services is here to help. Whether you need porch or step repair, we’re here for you!

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It’s a good idea to catch cracks, leaks, leaning, or sinking early, so the possibility of having your porch leveled instead of torn out is greater. It is much more cost effective to level and repair a porch than it is to have to rip out your entire porch and install a completely new one. If you have a concrete porch, then you’ll want to keep your porch in check. Checking for cracks, sinking, and leaning is very important in the upkeep of your home.

Step Repair

Of course, your porch will decay over the years. Even though it may be covered by a good roof and kept in relatively good shape, it’s exposed to the elements day after day, and oftentimes it isn’t reinforced with extra support to protect it in serious situations. Your porch takes the brunt of everything: snow, rain, mud, ice, it takes it all. Keep in mind it may not just be your porch that needs repairs, it could be the steps to your porch, too. They have more stress on them because of the constant use they receive.  Your home’s steps are just as exposed as the porch and often aren’t protected by a roof. Your steps may need repairs also if you see the same signs of decay as in your porch. Leaning, cracks, and especially sinking can be dangerous and costly if not caught quickly. So if you’re having porch or step repair questions or concerns, call Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services now!