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Mold, Mildew, and Humidity in Your Basement

By on August 8th, 2014
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Mold, Mildew, and Humidity in Your Basement

wet-basement-blogBasements are a great place for storing belongings or having an extra living area in your home. Unfortunately, they can be a great environment for mold growth, mildew, and humidity. However, there are ways you can help prevent mold from growing in your basement. Mold can be caused by a home’s number one enemy:  water.

Because basements receive little amounts of sunlight and ventilation, mold thrives, growing in the damp, dark, and humid conditions. It can go undetected for a long time if you have an unfinished basement that is not an extra living area. It can also grow on any surface such as wood, cardboard boxes, wallpaper, furniture, insulation, drywall, and carpet. Black mold, the most dangerous type of mold, starts to grow after floods. It is also the most toxic, creating respiratory problems for people with asthma or compromised immune systems.

The best solution to preventing mold growth is to find the source.

Some common causes of mold growth include:

  • Floods: Flooded homes cause water to flow down into your basement. After floods, make sure you hire a professional to look for signs of water damage. Some signs may include wood rot, mold growth, wet walls, rust, and peeling paint. Remove all of your furnishings, then dry the basement with a fan or a Santa Fe Dehumidifier.
  • Basement Leaks: Leaky plumbing, broken or burst pipes can produce basement mold growth and humidity. Water can enter the basement through wall or floor cracks.
  • High Humidity: When water enters your basement, it evaporates into the upper living area of your home. Mold thrives on poor ventilation and little sunlight, so we offer Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to keep humidity levels below 50%.

If you notice mold in your basement, you may have high levels of moisture and humidity. Look for other signs of moisture and humidity problems such as:

Basement Mold, Mildew, and Humidity Solutions

santa-fe-dehumidifier-4After repairing your plumbing leaks and broken pipes, check to see if you still have high levels of moisture and humidity. If so, the professionals at Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing will minimize moisture and humidity in your home by installing a Santa Fe Dehumidifier. The Santa Fe Dehumidifier reduces and controls moisture levels to protect your belongings and family’s health. This product will also help you save money on utilities, making your home more energy efficient.

We also offer basement waterproofing methods such as interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, sump pumps, sump pits, sump basins, drainage systems, and basement drainage. All of these methods are designed to divert water away from your foundation to keep your basement dry and prevent water seepage. Waterproofing systems also prevent structural damage to homes to keep them safe and sound. Our products are made in America by Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer in the waterproofing industry.

Contact Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing to control flooding and pooling water around your foundation. Our waterproofing techniques will lower humidity and moisture in your home to prevent mold growth, sagging floors, and condensation on insulation. Call us today if you need a free estimate. We’ll be happy to serve you.

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