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Leaning Wall Solutions

Leaning Wall Solutions – Wall Anchors

plate wall anchorYour basement and foundation walls are the solid force that holds up all the floors above it. Over time, the walls show the results of having the pressure of the outside soil around it. When that soil has excess water, it can place lateral pressure causing the wall to bow and even cave in. Standing water in your yard is a leading cause of bowing on basement walls. This tells the homeowner that the drainage around their home is not good. Often the water can make its way to the basement walls, causing cracks and eventual bowing. Having a plan to prevent this from happening is what Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services can do for you and your home.

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Wall Anchors Fix Leaning Walls

As a homeowner with bowing walls in your foundation, you may need to have wall anchors added to your walls to stop the bowing. Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services use anchors to compress the wall and add strength to the wall. Anchor plates are placed on the wall with a rod running through the wall to the outside soil. The rod is then anchored to the plate in a hole in the ground. The external plate is a distance from the foundation for stability. Some anchors can be tightened up to improve the straightening of the walls over time. Helical tiebacks are another way to stabilize a wall.

One of the benefits of using this kind of installation is that Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services’ qualified crew can do it year-round. Once the installation is planned out, most jobs can be done in one day. There is little disturbance to your home, lawn or landscape. This installation also will not harm your interior floors. You will be able to finish the walls with this type of correction to your bowing walls.

Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services will be able to advise you on further waterproofing needs to make your home the right living environment for your family.