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Green Roofing

The perfect use for HydroBlox: Green Roofing. Tested and proven to top all other material available for this commercial application.

There is no better product on the market for green roofing. These planks have been tested at the university level, and they have specific properties that make them perfect for plant growth.

HydroPlanks do not need the addition of soil for growth to occur. With this in mind install time is greatly reduced and the load that a roof bears is far less.

In addition, another step is eliminated as there is no hauling soil to the roof nor expense that goes with it. Sod can also be grown directly on Hydroplanks! No waiting on a beautiful green roof.

As more and more businesses and commercial structures add green roofing to their designs, having this simple application can make creating a green rooftop area an easily achieved reality.


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