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Foundation Repair Case Study, West Mifflin, PA

By on December 22nd, 2016
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Customer Name: Darla

Issue: Damaged Foundation and Bowing Walls

wall anchor West MifflinWhen I first met with Darla, it was to professionally assess the structural integrity of her home’s foundational walls. After introducing myself, we headed to the garage and basement to look at the potential problem. During my inspection, I had noticed that the back structural wall of her home, including both basement and garage walls, were bowing inward 1.25’’.

While explaining my findings to Darla, a sense of panic could be seen on her face. I calmly explained to her how common this problem was in her geographical area and how she is far from alone with the issues she was facing.

I was about to explain the process of installing wall anchors when Darla asked me if I would need to bring heavy machinery into her yard to dig the wall out. Much to her surprise, I told her it would not be necessary. I explained how we delicately hand dig our anchor holes with shovels and post hole diggers for the vast majority of our installations and that machinery was only needed in severe cases. Not only was she thrilled to hear this news, but the price I quoted her was also much less than she originally expected. Darla expected the worst, like many homeowners facing similar situations do.

Thankfully, to the expertise of our company, we were able to complete a job that was less costly, much less intrusive, and took a fraction of the time to install than was expected. Now, Darla’s structural foundation is safe and her yard looks the same as it did before installation. She can now relax knowing that a quality job was performed accompanied by a fifty-year warranty.

In the unlikely event that Darla runs into an existing issue with the walls her anchors were installed on, she knows that peace of mind is only one call away thanks to the generous and honored warranty of a proven company such as Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing.


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