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You need a contractor. Someone reliable and willing to work with you to get the best solutions for your home and budget. But where do you go? If you’re looking for a foundation contractor OH, then come to us! We’ll be your teammates in making sure that your home is repaired and sound for you to live in!

We offer several quality services, such as helical piers, which are support piers that are screwed into the ground, and are ideal for there is a need to block tension on one particular part of your house. They are similar to push piers, which we also offer. Push piers support your house differently, by being pushed into the ground and bearing the weight of your house by settling on the harder part of the earth, where it is solid. These piers can solve a multitude of problems, including leaning chimneys, settling foundation, leaning walls, sticking doors and windows, or cracking and sinking slab floors.

If your walls need support, we also offer steel I beams, which stand against your walls and help to support them. Steel is one of the best materials for making beams, but they can also be made with aluminum. It is found, though, that steel works best. Using steel beams is a much better decision than using wood, because wood will decay and bend and break. Steel is sturdy and will stay up longer and more reliably.

Foundation Contractor OH

If your foundation is buckling or bowing, you might want to install wall anchors, which permanently stabilize your basement walls, and act as a perfect alternative to having your foundation repaired or re-done. The advantages to wall anchors are: year round installation, most jobs completed within one day, minimal disturbance to house, lawn, and landscape, and it won’t damage your interior flooring!

These are some of the best foundation repair services we offer, so if you need a foundation contractor OH, contact us now! We’ll work with you to find the best solutions for your home and budget!


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