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Extreme Condensation and Moisture in Crawl Space Case Study – Elizabeth, PA

By on October 15th, 2018
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Customer Name: Bernie Balliard

Issue: Concerns how crawl space moisture and odor will affect business

encapsulationMr. Balliard owns a laundromat in Elizabeth, PA. While getting the laundromat set to open, he noticed a dank smell coming from the 6000 plus square foot crawl space below. Odors like this can actually turn potential clients away from a business. He was also concerned that moisture would eventually rust out the support beam below.

Upon inspection, the Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing team saw beads of condensation all over the concrete slab ceiling of the crawl space. The poured concrete walls were damp. We informed Bernie on our ability to encapsulate the crawl space with a vapor barrier to block the moisture that was coming up from the exposed ground. We also told him about the importance of running powerful dehumidifiers and explained that we could install Santa Fe Dehumidifiers.

Bernie was concerned about all of the water pipes that he had running through his crawl space. He was afraid that if one burst, with the crawl space being encapsulated, it would create a large pool of water down there. We suggested to him that we could also install two sump pumps to prevent any problems that could occur such as flooding. If he had any problems with flooding or groundwater coming up, the sumps would gather and discharge the water.

With the crawl space encapsulated and the dehumidifiers running, Bernie’s business is now ready to be open without the fear of rusting beams or foul odors from his crawl space.

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