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A sump pump is a helpful tool that is used to remove water from under and around your home. A quality sump pump Cleveland system includes the actual sump pump itself, a sealed sump lid, and a sump pit. There are a few different types of sump pumps that are available in the Cleveland area, these include:

  • Primary Sump Pumps
  • Battery Backup Sump Pumps
  • Combination Sump Pumps

There are a number of different primary sump pumps, which include a redundant dual float switch system. This feature protects a basement from flooding and unexpected pump failure. This feature, combined with an outstanding energy efficiency, makes these sump pumps great for protecting your home’s basement from flooding for many years.

There are also a number of different battery backup sump pumps which perform in an advanced manner. These sump pumps also provide monitoring systems which will warn you of any potential system problems before any basement flooding can occur. We use products made be the leading manufacturer in the industry, ECP.

There are many different types of combination sump pumps (which are primary and battery backup systems together) that provide high pumping performance of a primary sump pump and the peace of mind of a battery backup sump pump in case of power failure. An included feature is a multi-functional controller and dual float switch system to protect and monitor your sump system for years to come.

The next part in your sump pump Cleveland system you must look for is a sealed, airtight, moisture proof lid. The lid, or cover, is a very important piece to a quality sump pump Cleveland system. There are several reasons why you should cover your system with a lid. The first is reason is for safety. Whether you have pets or children, you are going to want to keep the sump pit covered to prevent someone or something from falling in the pit. Also, an airtight lid will prevent moisture and soil gases from migrating throughout your home. The main purpose of a sump basin is to remove water from the home, so keeping the water in the sump pump basin by using a sealed sump pit lid is necessary.

Sump basins are not all the same. You should take your time to think and evaluate the basin before you decide which type to install. Many of us have “builders grade” systems, which are basically glorified trash cans, installed in our homes. If you have basement water problems one of the first upgrades that should be made is a sealed sump basin or pit. A quality basin, along with a battery backup sump pump, can go a long way towards fixing many different basement water issues.

The last part of your system is often overlooked, but it is a huge part in having a quality sump pump Cleveland system. This is the basin or pit liner. The design of the sump pit will greatly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your sump pump Cleveland system. In looking for the basin there are a few things you should consider. The first thing you need to look at is the shape of the sump pit. One of the better designs is a bell shaped basin. These allow for a greater amount of water to gather at the inlet of the sump pump system. This design causes the sump pump to run 40% less often and more efficiently.

A sump pump Cleveland system is a great addition to any home, it will keep your home safe from water damage and flooding. So, no matter what you may need, Matthew’s Wall Anchor is there to help you pick out the perfect sump pump Cleveland system for you home so give us a call today!!


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