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Cracked Wall Case Study, Green Tree, PA

By on July 13th, 2016
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Customer: Green Tree Homeowner

Issue: Damaged Foundation Wall


wall anchor installationA couple in Green Tree bought their neighbor’s house when it went up for sale. They wanted to update the entire house for resale. During their home inspection, the inspector noted that the front foundation wall had a horizontal crack and an inward bow. He recommended that they call us at Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing. When we arrived at the home, we inspected all of the foundation walls and came to the same conclusion:  the front wall had inward movement and that the other walls were good.

Our experts educated the new owners on the wall anchor system and explained why it is the best solution. They were very pleased with this solution and quickly decided to have the work done.

The front foundation wall is 35′ long which would require a total of seven anchors. We used extensions on three of the anchors to get past plants that the homeowners did not want to disturb.

The job took one day to complete. Upon completion, they were very pleased with the work that we had done and surprised at how well maintained we kept the front yard. The wall is now stabilized and the homeowners will not have to worry about a damaged foundation when it comes time to resell.


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