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Spread Footings

spread footingsA stable commercial foundation has properly installed footings. Without them, they are unable to support structures and prevent future settlement. At Matthews Wall Anchors, we offer spread footings to help support a column, foundation walls, or piers underneath all types of commercial properties. These components are reinforced with steel or rebar to aid in support. They can be installed below ground level or below the frost line to prevent concrete heaving in cold climates.

The size and weight of a structure, in addition to the type of soil the building rests on, all play a factor in the design of the foundation. Structural engineers have to take soil pressure distribution into account to make that the structure remains stable.

A spread footing foundation has a wider bottom section when compared with a load-bearing foundation. This wider bottom distributes the weight over a great area, adding stability to the building. The spread footings are constructed with concrete and steel and, due to their design, they are less likely to fail than other spot footers.

Benefits of Spread Footings

Why are spread footings beneficial? Spread footings are beneficial to builders and civil engineers because they help transfer the load to the ground which makes this an excellent solution for stabilizing weak soil. The condition of the soil is tested, which helps determine if it is strong enough to support the building’s structure. The size and quantity of spread footers vary according to the load. Spread footings also offer the following benefits:

  • Reduces cracking caused by settlement
  • Stabilizes soil around the base of the structure
  • Easy construction of basements
  • Has continuous contact with the entire foundation which reduces the risk of foundation failure
  • Cost savings in construction, design, and quality control
  • Simple construction procedure
  • Varies in size and quantity

Unlike traditional spot footings that have a single point of contact, spread footing runs across the building. However, it can be combined with spot footers if they are used for larger structures. In this case, the spread component is placed beneath the entire foundation.

For more information regarding spread footing, contact Matthews Wall Anchors. We have products and services no one else has, like structural contractors and products from Earth Contact Products. We’re your spread footing installation team in the Pittsburgh, PA area.



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