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Piling Solutions

Piling SolutionsWhether it’s a hotel, office, or industrial warehouse, we design and install our solutions to fit your project needs. At Matthews Wall Anchor, we offer piling solutions for commercial projects in the Pittsburgh, PA area. We’ll choose the best piling method, depending on the soil condition and the nature of the project. With our experience and skills, you can always depend on us getting the job done right for every situation. We offer a wide range of piling solutions ranging from augercast piles to micropiles. There are many benefits to using piles and piling techniques, but the end results are the same – to minimize time, cost, and environmental impact. You’ll get quality assurance with residual benefits and alternate uses.

Additional benefits of piling solutions include:

  • Adapts to marine and shore applications
  • Requires no curing time
  • Can be driven in a natural sequence, minimizing the movement of equipment
  • Produces no spoils or potentially hazardous materials
  • Can be applied to many types of soils

Helical Piles

One common piling solution is helical piles, also known as screw piles. They are defined by the International Building Code (IBC) as “manufactured steel deep foundation elements consisting of a central shaft and one or more helical bearing plates. A helical pile is installed by rotating it into the ground. Each helical bearing plate is formed into a screw thread with a uniform defined pitch”.

The benefits of using helical piles are:

  • Quick installation
  • Installs in areas with limited access
  • Little spoil removal
  • Torque correlates to capacity
  • Can be loaded immediately after installation
  • Resist both axial compression and tension loads

Matthews Wall Anchor primarily uses Earth Contact Products helical pile materials. Please visit their website at www.earthcontactproducts.com for product information.

Augercast Piles

Augarcast PilesMatthews Wall Anchor provides innovative and cost-effective methods to improve the efficiency of your foundation. One of our solutions includes augercast piles, also known as continuous flight augured (CFA) piles, to support buildings, bridges, towers, and other commercial foundation repairs. Using a hollow steam auger with continuous flight, the auger is driven deep into the ground. The auger is slowly withdrawn, extracting soil while concrete is inserted into the hollow stem. When constructing a continuous pile, we carefully control the grout pressure and volume to avoid any defects. In the last part of the installation process, steel is installed into the concrete. This method is designed to withstand compressive and lateral loads.

We know it is important to maintain proper quality control when installing augercast piles to avoid discontinuous concrete diameters over the length of the pile. That is why we use a recording system on our augercast pile projects to confirm drilling and grouting parameters during installation. Our structural contractors will help ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Benefits of AugerCast Piles

There are many benefits of using augercast piles for commercial foundation repair. These benefits include:

  • Cost-effective solution to other deep foundation systems
  • Little to no disturbance
  • Little to no vibration
  • Installed in any type of environment
  • Used in poor soil conditions
  • Stabilizes bridges, towers, and other structures

Matthews Structural Solutions uses augercast piles manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the very best foundation repair products in the industry today. Please visit their website at www.earthcontactproducts.com for product information.

We have over 30 years of experience in commercial foundation repair. We have established an outstanding reputation and intend to keep it that way. When it comes to commercial foundation repair, you want a company and team that has the experience and uses only the best products. Our team of experts has been trained in all aspects of commercial foundation repair. Contact us today for any of your commercial foundation repair needs.

Micropiles & Micropiers

Micro PilesTo repair settlement on slabs and porches, Matthews Wall Anchor is proud to use Earth Contact Products (ECP) micropiles and piers for the perfect solution.

Due to inconsistent moisture levels, the soil can become weak and unstable. As a result, the foundation shifts and move. At Matthews Wall Anchor, we offer the best micropiles in the underpinning industry to restore settling foundations back to normal in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

What are Micropiles?

Micropiles, also known as minipiles, are small diameter piers that measure 60 to 200 mm. They are drilled and grouted friction piles that consist of steel elements. Each pile is bonded into the soil or rock to create stable foundations for a variety of projects, including bridges and highways. Micropiles are also useful for hard to access areas. Micropiles can be installed through any type of soil condition, including rock, cobblestone, and sand. This can be achieved through drilling, jacking, or screwing machinery.

Benefits of Micropiles

Micropiles offer many advantages over other deep foundation methods on the market. The use of micropiles has increased over the years because they offer many benefits. Some advantages of micropiles include:

  • Quick installation
  • Little to no disruption to the work area
  • Used for new construction or retrofit projects for deep foundations
  • Supports and stabilizes the foundation
  • Installed in restricted or low headroom areas
  • Installed in all types of soil conditions
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Economical
  • Minimizes foundation sinking and settling
  • Uses foundation equipment smaller than other systems to access limited areas
  • Don’t require end-bearing capacity

At Matthews Wall Anchor, we’ll stabilize your foundation for many years to come. Our micropiles and piers are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). ECP is the leading manufacturer in the underpinning industry, so you’ll have quality products, as well as professional service. We are also proud to offer the services of a structural contractor, to give you peace of mind that the job is done right. Contact us today for a proposal. We serve Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area.


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