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Commercial Structural Repair in North Carolina

North CarolinaMatthews Wall Anchor has been providing professional structural solutions for businesses in the North Carolina area for over 30 years. We repair new and existing commercial structures by using the latest products for underpinning, piling, and shoring. Our products are made by Earth Contact Products, the leader in today’s foundation repair industry. The professionals at Matthews Wall Anchor have the skills and knowledge to successfully eliminate and prevent any type of structural issues in the North Carolina area. We offer the services of a structural engineer, to make sure the project runs smoothly from conception to implementation to completion.

Types of Structural Repair & Structural Engineering in North Carolina

When it comes to commercial structural repairs, Matthews Structural Solutions offers several repair solutions.

Underpinning Solutions
Underpinning involves transferring the structure’s weight beyond compressible soil layers. Underpinning stabilizes, supports, and levels settling foundations. If you notice wall cracks or uneven driveways, our experts can install underpinning methods to stabilize foundations.

Piling Solutions
Piling systems, such as helical piles and augercast piles, are used to support heavy commercial loads. The structure’s weight is transferred from weak soils onto stable bedrock. Piles are a quick and effective way to take care of many foundation stability issues.

Shoring Solutions
Shoring can be used for new and existing structures with bowing or cracking foundations. The installation process is quick because hand-held equipment is used. It requires minimal excavation of the work area. Plate anchors and soil nails are two methods of shoring.

For commercial structural solutions, contact Matthews Wall Anchor. We offer free quotes for every project in the North Carolina area. Call us today!

We service the following cities in North Carolina:

  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Greensboro
  • Winston-Salem
  • Durham


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