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Industrial Foundation Repair

industrial floor repairIf you have an industrial floor that needs repairing, Matthews Wall Anchor is the way to go. Often, cracks will form in concrete floors. These cracks are the result of the soil beneath the concrete shifting and moving with varying amounts of moisture and changing temperatures. As the soil starts to shift, the concrete above the unstable earth is left without the proper support.

This can cause the slab to settle or shift, leading to cracks and several structural problems. Extreme temperatures or quick temperature changes can also lead to problems, as they cause the concrete to buckle or heave and then settle. Whatever the problem with your industrial foundation, the Matthews Wall Anchor foundation engineers, and structural contractors have a solution.

We provide repair services for industrial floors and other commercial foundations to fix problems like floor cracks, settling foundations, and sloping or uneven floors. Other signs of foundation failure in your industrial foundation may include bowing or leaning walls, water infiltration, and chipping or flaking concrete. If you see these signs in your floor, it may be time to invest in repair solutions. Some of the repair options that we provide are:

  • Soil Nailing: These devices are used to secure retaining walls and pull shifting foundations back into place.
  • Steel Push Piers: Driven into the ground under the concrete to disperse the weight of the structure and provide a more secure base, lifting the foundation to the original level.
  • Augercast Piles: these helical piers are installed beneath the foundation to provide stability and lift that corrects severe settlement and protects the foundation in the future.

These products are manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leader in foundation repair products. Matthews Wall Anchor uses only the highest quality materials and tools to ensure great results.

Commercial and Industrial Foundation Installation

In addition to fixing any problems with your existing industrial foundation, we also offer installation and design services to put in a new industrial foundation. With our design services, you can be sure that the foundation you get is exactly what you want. We will work with you to figure out the best method of installation for your purposes. The Matthews Wall Anchor team will then take the time and care necessary to make sure that the foundation is properly installed. This reduces the chances of foundation failure in the future.

Contact the team at Matthews Wall Anchor today to learn more about industrial foundation repair and design and our other commercial services.


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