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ECP 400 Series

ECP 400

Foundation Structural Support ECP PPB-400-WM Series

The ECP PPB-400-WM steel pier system, offered by Matthews Wall Anchor, is a popular choice in the underpinning industry, because of its durability and reliability. It is installed by being driven deep into the soil and supporting the foundation. At Matthews Wall Anchor, we use PPB-400-WM series steel piers from Earth Contact Products (ECP). ECP provides the strongest, most durable piers in today’s market so they can successfully reach load-bearing strata.

A two-stage system is used to drive steel pilings to a verified bearing stratum. When reaching the load bearing soil, a hydraulic manifold system is also used to elevate and stabilize the structure.

ECP Model PPB-400-WM Specifications

  • 4″ Standard Lift
  • Little to no vibration during installation
  • ECP 400Installed from interior or exterior of the structure
  • Installed deep into the soil
  •  Adjustable lifting capabilities
  • Friction reduction collar on pier pipe
  • Uses light-weight, portable equipment
  • Piers load tested during installation
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ultimate capacity 99,000 lbs
  • Maximum field test load – 74,000 lbs
  • 74 square inches bearing surface
  • 3-1/2” Diameter high strength, galvanized tubular pier


ECP model PPB-400-WM steel piers are the most preferred choice in the underpinning industry and a favorite of our structural contractors. Contact Matthews Wall Anchor today if you need more information about our products.


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