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Continuous or Spot Footing Foundations

footingsThe footing is the base of the foundation. It makes contact with the ground and supports the building’s weight. In order to install a footing in the ground, it depends on several factors, such as the building’s weight, the load-bearing capacity of the soil, and the frost line. At Matthews Wall Anchor, we offer both spot footings and continuous spread footings.

Both spot and continuous footings are regularly used in the commercial foundation industry. These footings are designed to spread out and distribute the load to a wider area as it enters the ground. Having a wider area at the bottom greatly increases the carrying capacity. This provides more stability to the structure. Matthews Wall Anchor has experts that specialize in continuous and spot footing foundations.

Benefits of Spot and Continuous Spread Footings

A majority of commercial and residential structures use a combination of both spot and continuous spread footings.

A spot footing is used to support a single point of contact, such as under a beam or post. These footings take the point loads from a column and spread them to a wider area. This increases the ability of the soil to carry more weight and stabilizes the structure.

Spot Footings

Other benefits of spot fittings include:

  • Made with reinforced concrete and rebar
  • Can be applied to piers or posts
  • Supports columns and posts for commercial structures
  • Commonly used in commercial construction
  • Small footing that supports a single point of contact

Continuous spread footings are used to support foundation walls and load-bearing walls. They are also found at braced frames which give the structure lateral support. Continuous spread footings are most often found at the perimeter of the structure.

Spread Footings

Continuous spread footings benefits include:

  • Provides a stable base
  • Evenly supports the weight of the foundation walls
  • Installed under the edges or the perimeter of the building
  • Consist of steel-reinforced concrete to support the structure
  • Anchors buildings
  • Can be used for residential construction, as well as commercial, to prevent movement in the event of high winds

Properly installed footings of adequate size are essential in supporting a structure and preventing settlement. Let the structural contractors and foundation experts at Matthews Wall Anchor install spot and continuous spread footings to make sure your structure is stable and prevent foundation settlement in the future. Contact Matthews Wall Anchor if you need help with your commercial project in Pittsburgh, PA and other areas.


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