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Commercial Retaining Walls

If you have decided to add a retaining wall to your commercial property, it is critical to remember the importance of proper retaining wall construction and placement. The structural contractors at Matthews Wall Anchor will work with you to make sure your retaining wall is correctly installed and looks great.

The Purpose of Commercial Retaining Walls

commercial retaining wall

Often noticed because of their aesthetic beauty, retaining walls are actually designed to prevent soil and property damage by preventing the soil from sliding or eroding away from your foundation. Retaining walls can be built out of many different materials, including:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Cement Blocks

If properly constructed, your new retaining wall will act as a barrier between the building foundation and soil that will save the ground around your property from damage. Retaining walls also help to redirect water, so it is imperative that the wall is built to guide water away from your foundation. If damaged, leaning, bowing, or cracked. your retaining wall could be draining poorly, leading to water or structural damage for your commercial property.

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The Importance of Retaining Wall Drainage

retaining wall drainage

Over half of retaining walls fail because of poor drainage issues. Water pressure and soil pressure build-up and ultimately cause the retaining wall to fall over or crumble. Retaining wall drainage is the most important aspect of the wall. Drainage should be discussed to make sure that the wall provides the best protection and doesn’t end up causing more problems to your commercial property.

There are all kinds of drainage options; including piping and drainage stones. All options should be analyzed for their pros and cons to decide the best solution for your particular situation. If your drainage option was chosen based on all of the exterior factors of your foundation and retaining wall, your wall will provide years of protection from erosion and water damage.

Things to Consider When Installing a Retaining Wall

There are many things to think about when installing a new construction commercial retaining wall.

  • Cost & Time for Construction
  • Height
  • Site Accessibility
  • Building Codes
  • Soil Conditions

There are many other factors, but the main point is that you can’t install a retaining wall just anywhere. Most states have codes and require a permit because retaining walls are considered load-bearing constructions. Consult Matthews Wall Anchors if you are considering a retaining wall. We can help you through the process and are familiar with the correct retaining wall design and construction processes, in addition to all of the proper building codes.

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