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Who Benefits from a Dehumidifier?

Benefits of a Dehumidifier in Ohio and Pennsylvania

There are a variety of ways that a dehumidifier can help and benefit homes and businesses in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Dehumidifiers keep your home cool, dry, and more comfortable and safe for your home and possessions. Humidity can destroy your possessions and create problems in your foundation and around your home. It can cause mold and mildew to grow, as well as cause rust and water stains. Not only will a dehumidifier keep your possessions and home safe, it will prevent other problems such as dust mites, dust and allergens, bacteria, and musty odors. Your home will be a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable place with our dehumidifiers. Our dehumidifiers prevent or help to prevent all of the following, including:

benefits de-humidifier ohio pennsylvania

Dehumidifiers Protect your Investments and More

The problems listed above can lower the value of your home and possessions. We know that your home and many of your possessions are large investments; a dehumidifier can help protect those investments so you can maintain the value of your property. It will also keep your family or employees healthy. The air will be cleaner and safer to breathe. Sometimes, our dehumidifiers can even help a home or business become more energy efficient. We have seen some of our customers report lower energy costs.

At Matthews Wall Anchor we sell and install Santa Fe Dehumidifiers which have been known to save homes and businesses about $40 per month on operating costs. These products are all made in the United States, as well. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a dehumidifier in your Ohio or Pennsylvania home. We want to help you keep your home or business safe, clean, healthy, and comfortable. Give us here at Matthews Wall Anchor a call today!

Product Spotlight – Helical Piers for Pittsburgh, PA Foundation Repair

Understanding Helical Piers and their Uses for Foundation Repair in Pittsburgh

helical piers for foundation repair in Pittsburgh, PAWhen you are a home or business owner, you may know that you have a problem with your foundation, but you don’t know the tools used to fix it. Half the battle when you own a structure such as you home or your business is knowing the signs of foundation problems, and learning as much as you can about the tools used to fix these foundation problems. Matthews Wall Anchor believes strongly in educating you about your foundation problems and the possible repairs needed. Today we are going to focus on the helical pier. Many people have heard the term “piering” or “underpinning” and have a vague idea that these are foundation repair terms, so we will help you understand a bit further.

What is a Helical Pier? helical torque anchor use in PA

Helical piers are uses to shore up and add support to foundation walls, porches, steps, chimneys and more. They are one of the most widely used tools in the foundation repair arsenal for many foundation repair companies including Matthews Wall Anchor. You may also hear that referred to as helical anchors or helical piles. They are used for the following reasons:

  • They are easy to Install
  • There is Little to No Vibration During Installation
  • Immediate Load Transfer can be done upon Installation Completion
  • Installed Torque Correlates to Capacity
  • Easily Load Tested to Verify Capacity
  • Installs Below Active Soils
  • All Weather Installation, Which is Important in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Little to No Disturbance to Jobsite

Matthews Wall Anchor only uses helical piers, piles, and anchors from Earth Contact
Products. ECP is known for the very best in underpinning and foundation repair products found anywhere in the market today. They have been tested and proven over and over again. You can read case studies about ECP products and see for yourself how effective their helical piers and other products are. You can also check customer testimonials for foundation repairs from Matthews Wall Anchor.

When to use Helical Piers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania

detail of helical torque anchor assemblyHelical piers have a strong steel shaft, usually with helices. They are like a large screw that will provide foundation support. It can be used in various types of structures in both commercial and residential areas. When soil conditions become challenging, helical piers are extremely helpful. They can be installed in new construction to add additional support from the get-go as well. They are commonly used to add support to existing foundations after there has been foundation settlement or foundation failure.

The purpose of helical piers is to take the foundation load and transfer it from soil that is not strong enough for the structure to the more suitable deep soil in the earth. If you notice that you have cracks in your drywall, or foundation cracks, floor cracks, and wall cracks, there is a good chance you are experiencing settlement of your foundation and an installation of helical piers may be the right solution for you.

To learn more about helical piers and other foundation solutions from Matthews Wall Anchor, call us anytime. We provide estimates if you notice any of the signs or symptoms of foundation settlement and can tell you if helical piers are the right deep soil foundation repair solution for you. Call us today!

Why is Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services better than the competition?

Why Matthews for Waterproofing and Foundation Repair?

There are dozens of companies to choose from when it comes to foundation and waterproofing repairs in our area. Most offer similar products with very different pricing structures. The real differences that affect customers are where we separate ourselves from the pack.

foundation repairIf you’re going to hire a professional company to perform the work, the first consideration should be the length of time that they have been in the business. An incredible 85% of the companies that went into our field ten years ago are now gone. That means they won’t be there if there are any issues with changes to the structure. Is it worth the risk of that money if it were to fail after you do it?

The Box System: Outdated and Unhealthy

The box system would sit on top of the foundation. This type of system would fail to channel the water properly because you can’t get the proper pitch so the water will flow to the sump. In addition, that water could sit in the system just below the floor, only inches from the surface while accumulating bacteria. These kinds of water remediation systems are far less expensive to install for companies that care about price more than results.

Our Waterproofing System is Better

When it comes to waterproofing, Matthews Wall Anchor and Waterproofing Services installs a deeper interior drain trench so that the water is fully collected rather than just sitting in the drain system just below the floor. We actually offered (and still service) box systems for a few years, but were unhappy with the results.

We provide a deep system that manages water at the bottom of the footer! We typically use three times the concrete and clean stone around our drains to ensure that the system remains free of mud and silt. This means our customers are given a highly effective sealed deep set system that will address water below the floor level, which results in a dryer overall basement setting.

In terms of our Piering and Wall Anchor Systems, Matthews was one of the country’s leaders and innovators when we started helping our clients in the early 80’s and we still are today. Our products have continued to improve over the years and our ECP products are second to none in the industry for strength and durability. Please visit our ECP link for detailed information.

We offer a 50-year warranty for all of our structural work and a lifetime warranty for our waterproofing systems. The sump pump comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Lastly, we have our prices for waterproofing online for our customers. We believe that people should be able to get an idea what they may be spending even before our foundation specialist does the analysis!

Learn About Matthews Wall Anchor

Can you tell us a little bit about Matthews Wall Anchor?

bigmapMatthews Wall Anchor was founded by John Matthews over 30 years ago to provide excellent customer service for Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area for foundation repair, crawl space repair, and waterproofing services. Today Matthews Wall Anchor is known all over the Pittsburgh area and is one of the founding structural and waterproofing companies in Pennsylvania. We have over 30 employees to meet all your needs and provide the best customer services. You can find us on the airwaves or online, and we have customers to provide you with testimonials of our work. We are based in Beaver Falls, PA. We are here to answer any questions you might have about foundations, basements, crawlspaces. We stay up to date on the latest and greatest technology to make sure to help you protect the investment you have in your home or business. We use the very best in waterproofing and foundation products with our partnership with Earth Contact Products. Call us to learn more!

The Cost vs. the Benefit of Waterproofing

Why Open Pricing from Matthews?

basement waterproofing has benefits in ohioMatthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services offers open pricing for customers that need waterproofing in Ohio and Pennsylvania. This allows our clients to get an idea of the cost of the project before we start the job. With over 35 years of experience, our mission is to provide reliable, effective waterproofing service for residents. We believe in maintaining a clean, dry, healthy, and comfortable living space for you and your family.  Our professionals can assist you with financial waterproofing costs. We won’t give you a quote over the phone or via email. By giving you a price quote before the job, it allows us to accurately assess your home to find any other damages. We are trained and certified to identify the source of your water damage and offer the best solution for your home.

The Benefits of Waterproofing in Ohio and Pennsylvania

ECP products has waterproofing benefitsMatthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services use products made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in the waterproofing industry. By using ECP products, our customers are getting the latest technology on the market.  Our waterproofing products offer the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Can help to minimize radon gas in some cases
  • 3-year manufacturers warranty on ECP sump pumps
  • Pumps run 40% less than traditional systems
  • Plastic sheet is used to block dust and air pollutants
  • Sump pump contains sealed oil bearing system that operates without water
  • Increases value of the home
  • Guards against water damage
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Sump pumps contains 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower that pumps 5,000
  • Applied to residential and commercial applications
  • Higher volume drain pipe installed next to footing
  • Performs as a subsurface drainage system

You can save your foundation, basement, and belongings with a good waterproofing system. Without an adequate waterproofing system, your home or building can encounter water damage. Look for signs such as:

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call. We offer waterproofing methods to protect your home from future damages. Our waterproofing products include exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, sump basins, sump pits, sump pumps, battery backup sump pumps, and basement drainage.

Exterior Waterproofing
Exterior waterproofing systems are designed to keep water from entering your basement, where water may seep through floor cracks, ceilings, or walls. They also guard your home against mold growth, structural damage, water stains, and foundation issues. The installation process requires some excavation with little to no disturbances. The products needed for exterior waterproofing installation include a waterproofing membrane, dimple drainage board, perforated drain pipe, drain pipe fittings, sump basin, backup sump pump, and a discharge freeze guard.

Interior Waterproofing
Interior drainage has waterproofing benefitsInterior waterproofing involves removing and replacing the concrete slab, installing a drain pipe under the slab, and draining the area to a lower level. Just like the exterior waterproofing system, this system consists of sump pumps. They also include the following additional products: water channel, SDS, drain pipe, sump pit with lid, vapor barriers, and a system clean-out. Interior waterproofing systems offer numerous advantages such as:

  • Prevents mold growth
  • Keeps basement and crawlspaces dry
  • Prevents moisture and humidity
  • Increases the longevity of your home
  • Improves the home’s structure

Sump Basins
Sump basins offers waterproofing benefitsSump basins are located inside the sump pit. The sump basin is the sump pump. Our sump pumps are installed at the lowest level of the basement to ensure the water flows into the sump pit. As water enters the basement, it enters the basin. There are several types of sump pumps. The most common sump pump is the submersible sump pump, which is placed into the basin to expel water. The other type is the pedestal sump pump that sits above the basin and has no contact with water. Hoses are attached to the basin so water can be expelled outside and away from the home. Sump basins offer the following benefits:

  • Applied to commercial and residential projects
  • Reduces repair cost
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Latest technology
  • Recommended by engineers and industry professionals
  • Prevents basement floods and sewer backups
  • Restores drainage

Sump Pits
Sump pits are an effective waterproofing solution when combined with a sump pump. Its job is to guard your basement against floods by collecting and removing water from your home. They help keep basements safe from mold growth. When it rains, ground water saturates the soil and surrounds the basement. This causes water seepage and water related issues. A sump pit collects this water and the sump pump removes it from your basement. That’s why sump pumps are installed in the basement floor so they can collect the water easily. Sump pits can sometimes help to minimize radon gas.

Sump Pumps/Battery Back-up Sump Pumps
Waterproofing benefits your basementSump pumps can be used for crawl spaces as well as basements. They help remove accumulated water around and underneath the foundation by expelling it away from the home. They also guard homes against mold growth, wood rot, and structural damage. Our sump pumps are heavy duty, energy efficient, and reliable. When installed with a sump basin, it provides total protection for many years to come. Our sump pumps remove 5,000 gallons of water per hour.

Battery backup sump pumps will protect your home from flooding even if your power goes out from a thunderstorm. We guarantee 100% basement protection for the residents in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Basement Drainage
Over time, poor drainage can lead to water damage and foundation failure. Foundation failure may lead to misaligned doors/windows, wall cracks, buckling floors, and bowing walls. To avoid further water damage,  the experts at Matthews can check the perimeter of your home for poor drainage areas. We check the following:

  • Gutters and downspouts: We make sure gutters are free of debris and leaves. Downspouts should be the correct size and length.
  • Landscaping: Trees and shrubs should be at least 12 feet away from the foundation.
  • Sump pumps: We make sure your sump pump is properly working. If it needs to be replaced, we can install a reliable sump pump to prevent flooding.

Our basement drainage system includes foundation drainage boards, sub surface drainage systems, and surface drainage systems. Our waterproofing methods will keep your basement or crawlspace stable, dry, and safe from water exposure. We have reliable basement drainage systems for residents in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

For quality waterproofing, Matthews has basement waterproofing products for your needs. We also offer open waterproofing pricing, so you can know the basement waterproofing costs of your project. Contact us today so we can serve you!

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