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Foundation Repair Case Study, Rootstown, PA

Issue: Sunken Foundation Our client in Rootstown had a foundation that was settling unevenly. The soil under the footer had shrunk from drying out and was causing the walls to sink. The left and right garage wall and the rear wall that went up to their deck were all sinking into the earth. The crew of…

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Retaining Wall Case Study, Gibsonia PA

Issue: Replacing Retaining Wall A Gibsonia homeowner was buying a new home with the plan of remodeling the entire inside and changing the landscaping on the outside. The one thing that she didn’t want to change was the retaining wall, which she loved. Unfortunately, this retaining wall was tipping forward and would eventually reach the point…

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Foundation Repair Case Study, West Mifflin, PA

Customer Name: Darla Issue: Damaged Foundation and Bowing Walls When I first met with Darla, it was to professionally assess the structural integrity of her home’s foundational walls. After introducing myself, we headed to the garage and basement to look at the potential problem. During my inspection, I had noticed that the back structural wall…

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Wall Crack Repair Case Study, Bethel Park, PA

Customer Name: Braden C.  Issue: Crack in foundation wall and bowing walls Braden was interested in buying a home in Bethel Park, Pa. After speaking with him and his father, it was apparent he wanted to purchase the home but was hesitant, due to the structural condition of an exterior basement wall. Braden and his…

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Bowing Wall Case Study

Customer Name: Beth & Jamie Z. Issue: Bowing Garage Wall and Wall Anchors Upon arriving at my appointment, I was greeted by the father of the homeowner. Beth and Jamie both had to work during the day and since their father was retired, they decided to have me meet with him. He was an extremely…

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