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Benefits of Having a Sump Pump

The sump pump is the last line of defense against basement flooding, in your home. It is essential, therefore, that your sump pump be in the best possible condition. If you are looking for a sump pump you have come to the right place. Matthews Wall Anchor is your leading provider in energy efficient and cost effective sump pumps.  When combined with our unique bell shaped sump basin and a full product warranty you can rest assured that your sump pump system will last for many years to come. You need to have a contractor you can trust with all your sump pumps PA needs, and Matthews Wall Anchor can be this contractor for you!

Basement flooding is often due to soil build up in a crawl space, this build up of soil accounts for additional moisture. This moisture can cause serious issues including water damage and mold.  Mold is especially dangerous, is flourishes in dark and damp areas.  It also releases spores into the air when spreading, these spores are dangerous to the air quality in your home.  Warning signs of mold, is its damp musty smell.

Sump Pumps PA and OHSump Pump PA, Sump Basin Pa

With Matthew’s sump pumps, we can ensure that our sump pump will eradicate any excess moisture from your home. Consider the sump pump an investment, it will cost money to be installed but it will save more money in the long run.  Especially if you live in an area with a high water table. Sump pumps can prevent any addition damage to your basement walls, foundation and personal belongings.

Call Matthews today for all of your sump pump needs. We have three types of pumps that can fit your every need. The first being, the primary pumps.  You can also decide if you want your sump pump to have battery back up.  Battery sump pumps will continue to operate even if  their original power source is gives out. Our third and final possibility is the combination pumps, these pumps operate through the primary power source in addition to having their own battery back up system. We use products made by ECP, the leading manufacturer of basement waterproofing in the industry.  Call Matthews today for all your sump pump needs!

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