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Basement Waterproofing WVBasement Waterproofing WV

Oh, Lord, here comes summer! Beaches, grill-outs, family gatherings, vacations, parties, fireworks; summer seems to have it all. And it does, doesn’t it? School’s out, the weather’s warm, the pools are out, you can take a vacation, there’s fairs and parties and the fourth of July! There’s almost nothing that can stop your summer! Although, if you’re having house troubles, that can definitely take up some of your time. Some of the worst problems with homes are their basements. There is nothing worse than going down to your basement to find water on the walls or the floor. Your first instinct is that the basement is leaking or flooding, but that’s not always the cause of moisture. The moisture could be from high humidity in your area, causing the cooler walls of your basement to condense with water, mimicking the effects of leaking or flooding. Still, you should have it checked out by a professional, and we’re your people! If you need basement waterproofing WV, come to us!

Sump Pit WV

If you do indeed have a basement that needs waterproofing, we have lots of solutions for you to choose from. One of the best solutions to a leaking or flooding basement is a sump pit, paired with a sump pump. What are these contraptions? A sump pit is, of course, a pit that holds water and other fluids, so it won’t go into your basement. A sump pump is a device that rids your sump pit of the fluids periodically and transfers them to somewhere they’re needed, like a dry well or a similar place. We also offer backup pumps. Other systems that we offer are interior drainage systems, which deter water away from the inside of your basement, and exterior drainage systems, which direct water and other fluids away from your foundation, because if you have wet soil, you could have bigger problems than just a wet basement. Whatever the case, we’re here to help. So if you need a sump pit or basement waterproofing WV, don’t hesitate! Call now!

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