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Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, OHThe entire state of Ohio, including Cleveland, sits on soil that is made up of mostly clay. This type of expansive soil absorbs water when it rains which causes it to swell. When the soil is dry due to lack of moisture, it will shrink. All of this shifting of the soil can also cause your foundation to shift.

At Matthew’s Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services, we want to make sure the residents of Cleveland maintain the quality of their homes. That’s why we offer professional foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and basement drainage services to the area.

Signs of wet basements include:

  • Water stains on the basement walls
  • Water puddles
  • Mold and mildew on the walls
  • Musty odor
  • Efflorescence
  • Spalling Concrete (Flaked or broken up concrete)

Make sure the outside of your home is not causing your wet basement problems. Look for the following:

  • Check your gutters
  • Install Downspouts
  • Repair Wall Cracks
  • Improper Grade Sloping
  • Improper Driveway Slope
  • Neighbor’s Downspouts

Our team of professionals can provide an effective waterproofing system to eliminate this issue.

Your home is a huge investment, don’t ignore these warning signs. Avoiding these signs can lead to foundation damage costing you thousands of dollars on repairs. Signs of foundation damage can be misaligned windows/doors, wall cracks, floor cracks, leaning or bowing walls, leaning chimneys, cracked slab, and buckled floors. We can repair your foundation with our ECP products such as helical piers, push piers, helical tiebacks, carbon fiber, plate anchors, wall anchors, and steel I-beams.

Expert Basement Waterproofing for the Cleveland Area

Contact Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services, so we can assess your water issues and give you the best basement drainage solution and determine the best basement waterproofing in Ohio solution. We offer:

  • Exterior Waterproofing
  • Interior Waterproofing
  • Sump Pits
  • Sump Pumps
  • Battery Backup Sump Pumps

We’re here for your existing water problems, and we want to help prevent these same problems in your future and give you the basement drainage that you need. If you’ve found that your Cleveland home is in need of foundation repair or waterproofing, we are the professionals to call. We use a variety of products to solve virtually any water issues. All of the products we use are the best in the industry, provided by ECP. Contact us to inspect your bowing walls, sloping floors, sticking doors and windows, and wall and floor cracks. We want to help you maintain the value and safety of your home.

We also care about you financially. Our 6 month same as cash financing program makes it easy for you to receive the work you need without having to worry about paying right away. We’re willing to work with you to make the repairs you need affordable. Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services can provide you the type of services you are in need of for your basement waterproofing or your foundation repair in Cleveland. Don’t let a wet basement become a huge problem, call us today for your free estimate.