Basement Wall Repair Pennsylvania

Basement Wall Repair Pennsylvania

By on June 4th, 2013
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Basement Wall Repair in Pennsylvania

There are many problems that can occur when it comes to your basement walls. Bowing walls, leaning walls, cracks, and much more. There’s an endless list of problems. Luckily, if these issues are found early on, they are an easy fix. Knowing the signs and causes of these problems may help you keep your home safe and secure from damage to your home’s foundation.

Bowing Walls

helical tieback and plate anchors

Bowing walls occur when the walls of your foundation start to bend and move. They are usually identified by a bulge in the wall. This is usually caused by the soil and water right around the outside of your home. Water and soil put pressure on the walls. When this happens the concrete will start to shift and cause these bowing walls. Helical piers, resistance piers, or wall anchors are just some of the solutions to fix these problems. Products such as helical piers are helpful to keep your home’s foundation in great shape. Helical piers, for example, are rods that are attached to the outer walls of your foundation and screwed into the ground. This will keep your home’s walls stable and safe from bowing walls.

Leaning Walls

Leaning walls are similar to bowing walls in that the walls and concrete start to move. Leaning walls are different though because the entire wall is shifting instead of just a certain part of the wall. There is no bulge in the wall to identify, but there are a few signs you can look out for. Doors and windows stick and are hard to open are pretty good signs of your leaning walls. Leaning walls can be fixed by carbon fiber repair or wall anchors. Instead of replacing your foundation walls, which is extremely expensive and time-consuming, wall anchors are placed in the soil around your home and protects against moving walls.

Foundation Cracks

Cracking in your foundation walls can also be a big problem. Cracking is also caused by water and soil around your home putting pressure on the walls. The bad thing about cracks though is that it leaves your home vulnerable to water leakage and damage. Luckily, cracks are some of the easier things to fix. Crack injection is a process in which an epoxy is used to fill in the cracks. The epoxy is flexible and will keep your basement safe from further water damage.

There are many problems that can happen to your foundation, but not to worry, all problems are fixable. Just remember, ignoring a problem can make it worse, getting these issues fixed as quickly as possible is the best way to keep you and your family’s home safe and secure. Contact the basement wall repair specialists at Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing today for all your repair needs in Pennsylvania.

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