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Protect Against Scammers

By on July 4th, 2014
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How Can You Ensure You Won’t Get Scammed?

foundation repairIf homeowners in the area need waterproofing or foundation repair, professionals can help. What are some ways to ensure homeowners they are getting a reputable company without waterproofing scams?

  1. ASK FOR REFERENCES: Any basement waterproofing company that has been in the business for a while will have plenty of satisfied customers who are willing to tell others about how happy they were with the work that was done for them.
  2. ASK FOR EXAMPLES OF THEIR WORK: A waterproofing company worth its salt will be able to showcase examples of its best work for new potential clients. If sample photos aren’t available, ask the contractor for addresses of local basements they have worked on. You can check out our case studies and testimonies on the website.
  3. CHECK WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU: Even small basement waterproofing companies should be members of the BBB in good standing. It’s a simple matter to do a quick Internet search for information about companies you are looking at, or call the Better Business Bureau to find out if they are trustworthy.
  4. LOOK AT THEIR EMPLOYEES: This rule is much more important than most homeowners realize. Don’t just shrug off unprofessional employees and assume that since they are doing manual labor, they have an excuse to be sloppy-looking or rude. Unprofessional employees probably mean that the company has unprofessional owners. If they aren’t serious enough to maintain a dress code or encourage good customer service with their employees, then they probably aren’t a company you want in your home.
  5. NEVER PAY FOR AN ESTIMATE: Even scammers aren’t usually bold enough to ask you to pay for an estimate, but there are still some who will try, especially when dealing with elderly customers. The only exception to this rule is if you are asking for an estimate on a home that you don’t own or are thinking of purchasing. In this case, many companies will charge you a small fee for an estimate or inspection, but with the understanding that it will be refunded if you use them for any future repairs.
  6. ASK QUESTIONS THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS: Don’t get in their way or be too bothersome while they are performing the work (especially when heavy equipment is being used), but never be afraid to ask questions If you don’t understand what they are doing
  7. WATCH FOR TYPE OF BACKFILL IN USE: This is one of the most common ways that basement waterproofing companies cheat their customers, who might never even realize that they have been scammed. All trenches around the home that are dug for basement waterproofing should be backfilled with clean #57 limestone (which provides excellent drainage down to the footer drain tiles) or similar material. Some dishonest waterproofing contractors will fill in trenches with slag (a byproduct of steel production), which is similar looking to limestone gravel but much less expensive to buy. The problem is that slag, which can give off a sulfurous smell when used, will eventually solidify into a mass that doesn’t allow water to properly drain down to your perforated footer drains.

If all else fails, call us. We will provide free estimates, provide you with testimonials, and prove to you that we can’t be beaten in Pittsburgh, PA or the surrounding area!

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