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Foundation Repair in Allegheny PA

foundation repair, basement waterproofing,Allegheny, PAThe climate around Allegheny is similar to the rest of Pennsylvania, with a moderate amount of precipitation. As with anywhere else, the water from all the different precipitation puts pressure on the outer walls of your home’s foundation, causing cracks, leaning walls, and bowing walls, leaks, and many different foundation failure problems. That’s why you need to call Matthew’s Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services if you notice any foundation failure signs with your home’s foundation. Keep on the lookout for the following foundation problems:

  • Sinking or Settling Foundation
  • Floor Cracks
  • Bowing or Leaning Walls
  • Sloped Floors
  • Wall Cracks
  • Sticking Windows or Doors

At Matthews Wall Anchor & Waterproofing Services we take pride in knowing we have the experts and products you need to fix your foundation problems and basement waterproofing problems. We can put in helical piers to support a sinking foundation from underneath or install wall anchors to repair a shifting foundation and close basement wall cracks.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Allegheny PA

Bowing walls, leaning walls, and cracks are all products of water putting hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. All of the foundation failure problems are caused by one thing, water. We can help with interior and exterior basement waterproofing if you are having trouble with water. Not only do we provide basement waterproofing services for residents of Allegheny, PA, we also provide sump pump system products which will further help with waterproofing your home.

If you already have damage done by the water, we also offer foundation repair. We use top of the line products supplied by ECP. The simple solution to leaning walls is wall anchors, which help keep your foundation’s walls from shifting. Bowing walls are easily taken care of with helical piers, which is yet another product we offer. Helical piers will help keep your foundation walls from bulging.

If you have a crawlspace that needs attention, we have a solution for that too. We can install a vapor barrier to keep moisture out of your crawlspace. Made of plastic or foil sheeting designed to lock out water vapor, these barriers help to keep your crawlspace free of mold and excess humidity.

For basements or crawlspaces that are damp and humid, consider investing in a Santa Fe dehumidifier from Matthews Wall Anchors & Waterproofing Services. This will help to prevent issues such as dust mites, bacteria, mold, rust, and many other issues. For quality dehumidification in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, call us today.

So no matter what type of foundation failure you may have, don’t worry, just pick up the phone and call us. We offer free estimates, so there will be no surprises in your foundation repairs or basement waterproofing. We also offer crawlspace repairs and sump pumps. We’ll help in any way we can to assure your home’s safety.